Karate Master Ray Kelly, 8th degree black belt and United States fighting/forms/weapons karate champion established the House of Shotokan Karate Academy in the country of Belize in March 2003.  Master Kelly holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice, Master Degree in Education Administration, and a Ph.D., in Philosophy of Martial Arts.  Master Kelly was inducted into the 2010 United States Karate Hall of Fame for Karate Master of the Year for outstanding accomplishment, hard work in the promotion of developing young minds & body through his karate skills.  Master Kelly commenced his karate training in the early 1970’s under Shotokan karate instructor Sifuallah Ali Shabazz former student of Sensei Toyotario Miyazaki.

Master Kelly has dedicated over 46 years of training to the Martial Arts and has competed in numerous Karate, Taekwando, and Full contact Kick boxing championships throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.  Master Kelly has won numerous karate titles and fighting championships.  Master Kelly was instrumental in the creation and development of Belize Ranger Cadet in the country of Belize.  This program teaches youths that are at risk how to transform their life and become successful in life endeavours.  Master Kelly has demonstrated his karate skills and spoken to children & youths throughout the United States and in the Caribbean countries in saying “no to drugs, gang, violence, and stay in school.”