Ranger Training

We have compiled a montage of images of Rangers at training. Below are some of the moments you will see in the gallery:

  • Learning how to march is both a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. But Rangers do not quit!
  • It is a lot of fun learning military foot drills and how to work together as one team. Rangers all the way!
  • A larger part of Ranger Cadet training is comprised of training in the outdoors. Whether it is raining, sunny, or cold, we train under these conditions to build mental toughness. The Ranger life is not for everyone. Gotta love it!
  • Rangers learn the skills of properly following directives and commands.
  • The US Marines were our guests and provided training to the Rangers. They ran us to the ground, but we did not quit. We are up for the challenge!
  • Rangers learn how to swim using various swimming techniques in the sea; this is also a moment to enjoy themselves in the water.